Job Description of a Tour Guide

Job Description of a Tour Guide
Working as a tour guide can be an educational and exciting profession. It provides opportunities to learn in-depth knowledge about a particular subject and to share this knowledge with others who are seeking it.

Educational Requirements

Tour guide positions may not require education outside of a high school diploma or successful completion of a GED. Some tour guide positions may require college education.

Specialized training may be needed for some tour guide positions. For example, a tour bus guide position may require an individual to possess a valid commercial driver's license.

Experience Requirements

Minimal experience may be needed to be a tour guide if the company will provide on-the-job training. Other tour guide position requires expert knowledge on a subject if the company does not provide training. Tour guides need to possess strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

Basic Job Duties

A tour guide leads visitors through a point of interest while sharing general and specific knowledge related to the location and setting.

Different Settings

Tour guides are employed to lead visitors through museums, parks, monuments and historical sites.

Professional Oversight and Certification

Professional standards for tour guides are established by the National Tour Association (NTA). The NTA also offers a Certified Tour Professional program.

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