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  • Washington State Fishing License Requirements

    Washington State Fishing License Requirements
    In Washington, there are a multitude of angling venues in saltwater and freshwater. Anyone planning to partake in the fishing available needs to know the license requirements put forth by the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife.


    Washington requires a resident to show his driver's license when applying for a license. A Washington state identification card or a military ID will also suffice to prove residency in the state.

    Reduced Fees

    A resident veteran who suffered a service-related disability can qualify for a reduced fee license, as well as a resident veteran 65 years old or older who has a disability. Those confined to wheelchairs, are blind or developmentally disabled also qualify.

    Combination License

    Someone who wants to fish in saltwater and freshwater setting in the state, and harvest various shellfish species needs to purchase a combination-fishing license.


    The individual freshwater license and saltwater fishing license allow those possessing them to fish only in those scenarios, with no crossing over permitted.

    No License Needed

    Anyone younger than 15 years old who desires to fish in Washington waters can do so without purchasing a license. Those who fish for common carp, smelt or catch bullfrogs and crawfish do not need a license.

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