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  • Life Jacket Age Rules

    Life Jacket Age Rules
    Boating, fishing, swimming and other water sports are fun for the entire family. When planning your next outing on the water, be sure to review and obey the life jacket age rules for your state.


    The U.S. Coast Guard enacts and enforces life jacket regulations. Some individual states have their own regulations.


    The U.S. Coast Guard regulation governing life jacket age rules states that any child younger than 13 years of age must wear a life jacket that is Coast Guard approved when on a recreational vessel in operation. The rule, which went into effect in 2002, does not apply when children are in an enclosed cabin or below decks.


    The Coast Guard regulation applies only to those states that do not have their own life jacket age rules. For states that do have regulations, the Coast Guard recognizes those rules.


    The Coast Guard enacted life jacket age rules to address the increasing number of childhood drownings while boating.


    Boat operators are subject to fines if passengers younger than 13 do not wear life jackets. The penalties, as listed in the U.S. boating regulations on, are comparable to those for failure to have life jackets on board, which can be as much as $1,000 per violation.

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