What Trees Make Good Firewood?

Hi Judy,  I just want to make sure you got the Glimmerstick order that I left at your front door.  Total: $19.95  You can mail a check (make payable to ‘Jeanne Wiggins’).  Beth Wiggins 1461 Twin Leaf Ln. Oviedo, FL 32766  Thanks, BethA campfire is an essential part of any camping trip. They can be used to cook over, for heat on a chilly night or just to light up the darkness while campers socialize. But a campfire shouldn't be made with just any wood---some trees make better firewood than others.

Best Trees

Deciduous, or broad-leaf trees, are better for firewood than evergreens because they produce harder wood. Ash, oak, beech and sycamore are excellent firewood trees.

Trees to Avoid

Don't use conifers, or needle-leaf trees, if at all possible for firewood. Pines and cedars have a high moisture content and can throw sparks when used as firewood.


Fresh-cut wood shouldn't be used for firewood due to the higher moisture content. Firewood should be allowed to "season," or dry out.


Never cut firewood from public property or park grounds. Take trees only from property you have permission to use.

Traveling With Wood

Contact your park or campground before a camping trip to make sure it is OK to bring in your own firewood. Some parks have restrictions on outside firewood to protect the native trees from diseases and insects brought in on firewood.

Article Written By Denise Bertacchi

Denise Bertacchi is a freelance writer with a degree in journalism from Southeast Missouri State University. She is a St. Louis suburbanite who has written for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Boys' Life, Wisconsin Trails, and Missouri Life.

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