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  • Rome Tourism Information

    Rome Tourism Information
    Rome is most famous for its monuments, but there's no reason for a Rome vacation to be slow--outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of active ways to see the city and explore its surrounding area.

    Appian Way

    One of the earliest and most important roads built by the ancient Romans, the Appian Way is lined with tombs and monuments dating to 310 B.C. Cycling and in-line skating are permitted along the road.

    Cycling Rome

    Cycling is a great way to see Rome--in the city, many of the ancient roads are too narrow to be accessed by car, and there's too much to see to cover it all on foot. Companies such as Top Bike Rental offer guided tours and bike rentals.

    Rome by Night

    For a rare Rome walking experience, join a guided night tour. Walking tours cover landmarks such as the Colloseum, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.

    Tiber Riving Kayaking

    In Roman legend, Romulus and Remus were tossed into this ancient river as infants. Today, kayak rentals are available at several points along the shore.

    Rock Climbing Rome

    Roma Center Climb operates a gym on via Edoardo Maragliano in central Rome, with outdoor rock climbing and ice climbing courses available in nearby San Vito and Gran Paradiso.

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