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  • Letchworth State Park

    Letchworth State Park
    Sixty miles southeast of Buffalo, New York, Letchworth State Park, the "Grand Canyon of the East," lines the sides of the Genesee River as it tumbles over three major waterfalls and meanders under cliffs as high as 600 feet.

    William Pryor Letchworth

    William Pryor Letchworth first saw the park's falls in 1858. He started buying up land on both sides of the Genesee River soon after that. In 1906, he gave the land to the state of New York.

    The 20th Century

    In the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps built cabins, trails and overlooks for the new public park. The Army Corps of Engineers built a flood-control dam nearby in 1952.


    Letchworth has many places for tents and trailers dotting the park, although you'll need to make a reservation first to stay there. There is also Glen Iris Inn, a lovely hotel in what used to be William Pryor Letchworth's home.

    Summer Activities

    Letchworth is an ideal place to be during the summer. An enterprising visitor can canoe, swim, bike, hike and kayak there during the warm months.

    Winter Activities

    When the weather turns cold, Letchworth is still scenic and beautiful, as travelers can snowshoe the trails, cross-country ski and even ice skate.

    Article Written By Vincent Runyon

    Vincent Runyon is a writer working out of Portland, Ore. His work has been featured in "The Oregon Voice" and "Portland Monthly." Runyon received two bachelor's degrees from the University of Oregon. His greatest passions are traveling to new and different places and enjoying a good basketball game. Usually the two are mutually exclusive.

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