When Do Pond Fish Breed?

When Do Pond Fish Breed?
Fish are self-motivated creatures. A person who says they "breed pond fish" is likely just the one who put them into the pond. The fish take care of their breeding themselves.

Water Temperature

Experts suggest the water be at least 59 degrees F and at a steady temperature. Sometimes a raise in pond temperature is needed to incite breeding.

Water Quality

Clean water is emphasized, especially after spawning. Your fish need to have plenty of oxygen pumped into the water.


Females require a lot of protein to produce their eggs. Newly hatched or birthed young will need protein as well.

Live Bearers

Some fish use internal fertilization for their breeding. All that is really needed for them is to provide food and clean water.

Egg Layers

These fish will lay their eggs where their behavioral instincts guide them, sometimes in grass or on the flat pond bottom.

Article Written By Heather Broeker

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