What Is an APS Camera?

What Is an APS Camera?
APS stands for Advanced Photo System. This is film used primarily for still shots. This is the kind of film found in one-time use cameras.

Kodak Advantix

The Kodak Advantix was the first APS type of film released onto the market in 1995.

Size of the Film

Most film in cameras is 35mm. But with the APS film, the size is reduced to 24mm. This allows for clearer pictures.

One-Time Use

Utilizing the smaller film gives the amateur photographer an advantage. One-time-use cameras are already loaded removing the need for the photographer to load (and possibly damage) the film.

Magnetic Strip

One big advantage of the APS cameras over the 35mm is the magnetic coating behind the film. When pictures are taken, data are saved onto this strip for the developer to decipher.

Three Formats

The developer reads the magnetic strip in one of three ways: in high definition (4x7), classic (4x6) and panorama (4x11).

Article Written By Heather Broeker

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