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  • What Are the Dangers of Sailing in the Caribbean?

    What Are the Dangers of Sailing in the Caribbean?
    Sailing the Caribbean Seas sounds entertaining and appears to be a relaxing getaway for many to enjoy. However, there are dangers both hidden and conspicuous that await those who venture the Caribbean waters.

    Coral Reefs

    Coral reefs provide beautiful underwater landscapes as well as unforgiving structures that can cause tremendous damage to your vessel in the event of a collision.

    Trade Winds

    Easterly surface winds that sweep in from the Atlantic Ocean known as trade winds can bring dangerous situations to your peaceful trip. Trade winds are known for ushering in tropical storms to North America through the Caribbean.

    Stormy Weather

    Hurricanes gain most of their strength and cause most of their destruction through the islands in the Caribbean. Stormy weather creates rough and treacherous seas, leaving boats susceptible to capsizing, which can be fatal to even the most experienced sailors.


    Yes, they are very real and very dangerous. Pirates will board your vessel with little or no regard for your safety. They feel even less remorse for what they are prepared to do in order to achieve their loot.


    After triumphantly sailing the Caribbean, the most prevalent dangers lie ahead. Arriving on shore to a Caribbean island is presents the traveler with an abundance of violence and health hazards, from muggings to assault and robbery.

    Article Written By J. Smith

    Jonathan Smith is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Psychology. Brand new to the field and anxious to enhance his life and literature.

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