Socio-Impact of Tourists on Kruger National Park

Socio-Impact of Tourists on Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park is one of the most popular safari destinations in South Africa. However, the sheer number of tourists and the effect of their presence in the park has a socio-impact on the land and people of this area.


The socio-impact of tourists in Kruger National Park affects the employment aspect of local communities by increasing the sales of artisan crafts and creating tourist shops and operations.


The socio-impact of tourists in Kruger National Park provides job opportunities for locals and exposes them to different cultures and ideas. These effects can spread to all the communities in the Kruger area.


The beneficial effects of the socio-impact of tourists in Kruger National Park include bringing money into a poor economy, creating employment opportunities and increasing awareness of wildlife preservation issues.


Tourists inevitably impact the ecosystem of Kruger National Park. Despite their best intentions, tourists can affect the wildlife in Kruger National Park by introducing trash and other byproducts into the area.


Educating tourists on the socio-impact their visit will have on Kruger National Park is important. Encouraging tourists to support the local people and environment could lessen any potential negative effects.

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