Italian Passport Information

Italian Passport Information
As of 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the laws against dual citizenship for Americans. If you are an Italian American with a dual citizenship, you may choose to use an Italian passport for traveling abroad and identity purposes.

Where to Apply

You must go in person to the Passport Office of the Consular Jurisdiction in the area you reside. If you are abroad, however, you may apply for an Italian passport at the jurisdiction in which you are not a resident, but clearance from the office authorized in your area of residence is necessary.


A signed passport application, identity card, two recent identical photographs of your face in color and a proof of legal residence in the United (if applicable), are required to apply for an Italian passport in the United States.

Passport Validity

Italian passports issued after February 4, 2003 are valid for 10 years and may not be extended, instead a new passport has to be issued upon expiration of the current one. Italian passports, however, issued before the above date are valid for five years and can be extended for up to 10 years from date of issue.


You can renew your Italian passport before its expiration, or no longer than six months after it expires. You must appear in person at the Passport Office of the Consular Jurisdiction in your residence area, and sign the renewal application form. Two identical recent passport photographs, your expired passport and legal United States residency proof (if applicable) are required for passport renewal applications.


Minors who are younger than 16 years old, can be listed on their mother's or father's passport or have their own passport issued.


The application fees for an Italian passport are updated every three months and depend on the Euro/U.S. dollar exchange rate. As of September 2009, the application fee is $117.25.

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