Game Fish Identification

Game Fish IdentificationAnglers look for certain keys when identifying the game fish they catch. These include a fish's color, size and shape, as well as its habitat. (Pictured: Bluegill panfish)


White perch and yellow perch differ in their color, with the yellow perch having a greenish-yellow body with vertical dark bands, complemented by orange on the fins. The white perch has a silvery color and a whitish belly.



The surest way to tell one type of bass from another is to look at both with their mouths shut. The mouth of the largemouth bass extends past the eye, but the mouth of the smallmouth stops at the eye.


The walleye is a member of the perch family. It has two top fins, with the first one being spiny, as well as eyes that appear "glassy."

Bluegill (pictured above)

Bluegills have a compressed body and a telltale bluish color on their gills. This fish inhabits ponds, lakes and rivers, and anglers frequently find them living in large numbers together.

White Sturgeon

The white sturgeon of the Pacific Northwest is North America's largest fish, easily recognized by its great size. Some reach 1,500 pounds and exceed 6 feet in length.

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