Facts About the Catskills

Facts About the Catskills
Once legendary for being America's wilderness, the Catskill Mountains still attract thousands of visitors from around the world. Full of amazing history and breathtaking natural beauty, the Catskills are a vacation hot spot all year round.


The Catskills are located in southeast New York in four separate counties. The counties are Delaware, Greene, Sullivan and Ulster. The Catskills are located northwest of New York City and southwest of Albany.



Activities at the Catskills include biking, hiking, kayaking, boating, motorcycling, skiing, climbing, horseback riding, wildlife watching, canoeing, camping, gliding, shipping, swimming, fishing, tubing, skydiving and more.


The Catskills encompass over 4,000 square miles and include 98 mountain peaks that are over 3,000 feet high. The area has the Mohonk Preserve, five key rivers, rich valleys, Catskills Park, uncultivated forests and sparkling lakes.

Historical Home

The Winter Clove Resort is in the Catskills. It is the oldest single family-owned inn in the area and was built in 1838. It has 49 guest rooms, 400 acres and still serves as a getaway for travelers.


The Catskill Scenic Trail is 19 miles long and is used for hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding and biking. The trail only alters in elevation by 400 feet and is considered an extremely gentle grade.


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