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  • Red Rocks Colorado Facts

    Red Rocks Colorado Facts
    Red Rocks park located in Morrison, Colorado, is more than 800 acres of scenic beauty and outdoor adventures. Travel and outdoor enthusiasts have been enjoying Red Rocks since the early 1900s when it was known as "The Garden Of The Titans."


    Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain, Red Rocks park is an adventurist's dream come true. The largest two of the many monolithic rock formations that form red rocks are ship rock and creation rock, and are more than 300 feet tall and provide spectacular views for those who can reach their tops.

    Animal Life

    Red Rocks park is home to many kinds of wildlife. Nature enthusiasts will find many species of birds to study and photograph. The park is also home to deer, foxes and numerous small rodents.

    Hiking Trails

    A trip to Red Rocks isn't complete without hiking the famous Trading Post Loop. Trading Post Loop is 1.4 miles long and snakes through the many incredible rock formations in the park.

    Famous Ties

    While visiting Red Rocks, travelers often choose to spend a night or two at the famous Horton House bed and breakfast. Horton House provides a turn-of-the-century lodging and dining experience.


    One of the most well-known and significant features of Red Rocks is its natural amphitheater. Originally known as "The Garden of Angels," this natural limestone-walled amphitheater has played host to famous musicians.

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