Interesting Facts About Mumbai, India

Interesting Facts About Mumbai, India
Mumbai is located in India, the second-most populous country in the world. This bustling city has more than 14 million residents as of 2009, according to recent estimates.


The world's largest movie industry is located in Mumbai. It is known as Bollywood. The "B" in Bollywood is from the city's former name, Bombay. Like Hollywood, Bollywood is the center for entertainment in India.

Natural Harbor

Mumbai is located on the western coast of India. It is located near a natural harbor and was an ideal location for historical trade. In 1661, a causeway was built by British engineers to link all of Bombay's islands.

The Gateway of India

A large arch-like structure, the Gateway of India, is the first thing people see when they reach Mumbai by water. It is often the first part of India that is seen as well. The initial approach road to the gateway was never built because of lack of funds, so today the road leading up to the gateway is angled.

South Mumbai

Mumbai is divided into two districts, South and North Mumbai. South Mumbai is known as the elite district and is called "Town." The stock market, luxury hotels and high rises make up this area with its many wealthy residents.

North Mumbai

North Mumbai is more of an area for technology. The area grew because of its population increase. It was never part of Mumbai but today has about the same landscape as South Mumbai.


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