About New Zealand

About New Zealand
About the size of Colorado, New Zealand is located southeast of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean. Rainforests, mountains, fjords, volcanoes and coastlines are just some of the landscapes that offer activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Getting There

International airports are located at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Flying time from the West Coast of the U.S. is about 13 hours.


American citizens need passports but not visas for tourist visits of three months or less. Passports needs to be valid three months beyond the date of departure from New Zealand.


The north is subtropical, while the south is temperate. Average temperatures range average between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 50 to 60 in the winter.


The South Island boasts a number of glaciers that are accessible to hikers and mountain climbers. These include the Franz Joseph and the Fox. Heli-hikes take passengers to the top of the glacier via helicopter, then the passengers walk down.

Sunken Mountains

Mountain ranges that have sunk into the sea create sounds and fiords suitable for kayaking, boating and other watersports. For an example, check out Fiordland, which is linked under Resources.


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