Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco
Located on the northwest coast of Africa, Morocco features desert landscapes and travel by camel for adventurers seeking unusual thrills. However, the country also offers year-round water sports on the beaches and winter skiing in the mountains.


American citizens only need a passport to visit. For stays under 90 days, no visas are required. However, for longer stays, you must apply for an extension and state the reason.

Getting There

Fifteen airports connect with the rest of the world, primarily through Europe. Boat travel is also common, with the shortest trips taking only 35 minutes from Algeciras, Spain, to Ceuta.


Seasonal temperatures averaging from 73 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit make spring the best time to visit, followed by fall. Summers are hot while winters are rainy.


For unusual activities, try covering desert trails by riding a camel or donkey. "Mule-skiing" puts you on the back of a mule for cross-country skiing trips.


The Atlas Mountains, with 10 peaks over 13,000 feet high, provide hiking, riding, mountain-biking and skiing. The many rivers also boast whitewater sports such as kayaking and rafting.

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