About Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
As the largest and arguably most intricate carnival in the world, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil is one of the most talked about. This annual event draws in thousands upon thousands of travelers from all over the world. They join the locals in an all-out celebration that is tough to match and rarely rivaled.

Time Frame

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival occurs every year on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday, until Fat Tuesday itself.

Historical Roots

The carnival has its roots in the Entrudo festival, which was brought with Portuguese immigrants who came to Rio de Janeiro in 1723.


The main event is the Samba Parade, which is broadcast live across the globe. There is also a street carnival, live concerts, parties and balls.


Nearly all hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hostels in Rio de Janeiro offer specials for carnival season, typically five-day, four-night stays for a reduced price.

Other Activities

If you need a break from the carnival, plenty of activities are offered not far from downtown Rio de Janeiro. These include biking along the coast in Orla Maritima, hiking in Pedra de Gavina or climbing the many mountains just outside of the city.

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