Information on the Terrain in Spain

Information on the Terrain in Spain
Spain, in southwestern Europe, borders Portugal to the west and France to the northeast. It is a fairly large country with a diverse terrain. The varying geographical features offer a range of outdoor opportunities, from rock climbing to surfing.

Pico de Teide

Pico de Teide, a dormant volcano on Spain's Canary Islands, is a unique feature of the Spanish terrain and beckons those interested in hiking or climbing along its cliffs.


Various plateaus litter the Spanish terrain, the largest being Meseta Central, which covers 40 percent of the country. Biking and hiking reign here, particularly in the Sierra de Gaudarrama Mountains found on the plateau.

Beaches and Surfing

Spain owns beautiful coastal regions and beaches. Along its coastlines that touch the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay, great swells roar in, making for superb surfing.

Pyrenees Mountains

The Pyrenees Mountains march along the border of Spain and France. Hiking, walking and climbing prevail here.


The lowlands of Spain are divided into five regions: Catalunya, Ebro Basin, Galicia, the Guadalquivir Basin and coastal Valencia and Murcia. Bikers can often be found skirting the fertile farmlands and fields .

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