Where Can I Travel by Train in the USA?

Where Can I Travel by Train in the USA?
If you are planning a train trip in the United States you will most likely be traveling by Amtrak, as it is the only rail company offering widespread service in the country. The good news is that the routes are extensive, covering many regions.

Interactive Route Atlas

Amtrak offers an online interactive map that will aid you in the discovery of all the sites you can encounter throughout the country. There you can customize your trip and plot an itinerary, whether it's to see the awe-inspiring purple mountains' majesty of the Rocky Mountains or the sparkling waters from sea to shining sea.

The West Region

There are seven trains serving the West region. There is a north and south service that runs the entire Pacific Coast from northern Washington to southern California and four eastern routes commencing from various points in the West and covering several Midwest and Southern cities including St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis and San Antonio.

The Midwest Region

From the Midwest you can link with Eastern, Southern and Western cities, some of which are Detroit, New York, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. There are 12 runs crossing this region.

The Northeast Region

The northeast has 17 rail itineraries covering the entire eastern seaboard from Portland, Maine, to Miami, Florida. These train routes interconnect with Midwest and southern tours to take you to cities such as Boston, Cincinnati and Atlanta.

The Southern Region

The South has seven circuits that link with Northeast, Midwest and Western routes. These trains service areas such as Savannah, Tampa, Memphis and Dallas.


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