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    Southwest Texas Tourism
    Second only to Alaska in size, Texas is known for its wide open spaces and varied regions. The Texas Travel website breaks up the Lone Star state into distinct regions, with Big Bend Country, Hill Country and the South Texas Plains all laying claim to at least part of the southwestern region of the state.

    Big Bend Country

    Stretching from Midland-Odessa to the northeast and Del Rio to the southeast, Big Bend Country is bordered by Mexico to the south and New Mexico to the west. Big Bend Country is home to the highest peak in Texas and features 1.17 million acres of open space, making it an ideal spot for hiking, biking, swimming, camping and engaging in other outdoor activities.

    Hill Country

    Although often thought of as being in the center of the Lone Star State, the southern border counties of Kinney, Medina and Uvalde are located in Hill Country. The region is known for being a hot spot for water sports and camping because of its abundance of state parks, lakes and rivers.

    South Texas Plains

    The Rio Grande Valley is located in the South Texas Plains region. This semi-tropical space has been hailed as one of the best spots for bird watching in North America. Because of its moderate climate, outdoor activities are possible during all times of the year.

    Big Bend National Park

    About the size of the state of Rhode Island, Big Bend National Park is Texas' first national park. Big Bend National Park boasts over 201 miles of trails, which range in level of difficulty from easy and short to trails for experienced hikers. Primitive and backcountry camping and the use of all rivers are allowed with free permits obtained at park visitor centers.

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park can be accessed by hiking and backpack camping along marked trails, which extend 80 miles and are meant for experienced travelers. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is home to McKittrick Canyon, which also offers many hiking trails.

    Monahans Sandhills State Park

    Bearing a Saharan landscape, Monahans Sandhills State Park spans 4,000 acres and is one of the largest oak forests in the nation--although you would never know it because the mature Harvard oaks usually only reach 3 feet in height.


    Article Written By Kirby Brooks

    Kirby Brooks is a San Diego based writer whose articles have appeared in San Diego Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Riviera Orange County. Brooks is a recent honors graduate of the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of the Arts in English.

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