Hawaiian Volcano Information

Hawaiian Volcano Information
Journey to Hawaii to witness an unforgettable sight: glowing hot lava sizzling into the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii (the Big Island), Oahu, Maui, and Kauai all feature volcanoes of various shapes and sizes, so you can volcano-hop from island to island.


The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes produced by the "Hawaiian hot spot." Kauai is the oldest island of the chain and Hawaii, the youngest and most active, is currently situated over the hot spot.


Hawaii (The Big Island)

The Big Island features five major volcanoes, including Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano, and Kilauea, one of the most productive volcanoes on Earth. Visit Volcanoes National Park to hike through a lava tube, across a crater and and check out the volcanic activity that occurs at two main areas on Kilauea.


Check out Maui's stunning Haleakala crater and take a heart-stopping bike ride from summit to shore. You can also hike or horseback ride through the crater.


Hike up Oahu's famous Diamond Head crater on the eastern edge of Waikiki. Diamond Head is part of Hawaii's military history, housing bunkers within the Fire Control Station on the summit. During winter months, you may see humpback whales in the Pacific below.


Kauai's long-extinct Mount Waialeale is known as the wettest spot on earth, receiving an average of more than 400 inches of rain each year. Take a helicopter tour into the center of the ancient crater with its 5,000-foot walls and stunning waterfalls.


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