Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean

Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean
The Caribbean is world-renowned as a vacation destination. With the influx of visitors flocking to the area for pristine beaches and biodiversity, the Caribbean tourist industry is emerging as a leader of sustainable tourism.


Sustainability is a broad term that includes the tenets of "People, Planet and Profit." As such, sustainability includes elements of ecosystem, culture and economics.

Socio-cultural Diversity

Sustainable tourism implicates conserving local cultures and establishing co-beneficiary tourism relationships. This may mean buying fair-trade souvenirs, attending day-trips to local communities to understand the culture, or promoting tolerance and respect of local norms and traditions.

Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability ensures the longevity of tourism in the area. This may mean equally distributed profits, sustainable living wages for local employees and income-generating opportunities for the communities supporting the tourist industry.

Nature Conservation

Conserving natural resources is a strong basis for sustainable tourism. This includes maintaining ecosystems in adventure tourism by establishing national parks, promoting environmental awareness to visitors and preserving biodiversity.


Local and international organizations that are working to promote sustainable tourism in the Caribbean include the Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST), Quality Tourism for the Caribbean (QTC), Reef Check and the UNEP.


Article Written By Kay W

Kay W has more than 10 years of freelance writing experience, including technical papers, grants for youth and environmental nonprofits and consulting materials. With a Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering and a Master of Arts in environmental organizational leadership, Kay W has a diverse educational and technical professional background.

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