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  • About Seoul, Korea

    About Seoul, Korea
    Seoul, Korea, is one of the most fascinating cities in Asia. A diverse mix of historical buildings and modern architecture, plus a robust technology industry, combine to make Seoul one of the world's most dynamic cities.


    According to Seoul's official website, the city's population is over 10 million, nearly a fifth of the country's entire population. The Seoul metropolitan area has nearly 25 million residents.


    Summers are rather mild, with temperatures averaging 80 degrees F. The winter months can be rather harsh, with the average January temperature being 25 degrees F.


    Seoul is religiously diverse. According to, nearly 25 percent of the population is Buddhist. Islam and Christianity have also attracted followings in Seoul.


    Seoul is brimming with entertainment options. There are four large theme parks in the metro area that rival the best amusement parks anywhere. Over 100 performing arts centers call Seoul home and put on more than 30 thousand performances every year.


    Modern technology has found a berth in Seoul, with major electronics companies such as LG and Samsung leading the way. These advancements in technology have lead to the development of the country's space program, which launched its first satellite in August 25, 2009.

    Article Written By John Page

    John Page is a writer, performer and martial artist. He is a veteran of the United States Army and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre from Morehead State University. Page has worked professionally as a martial arts instructor, actor, emcee and 911 dispatcher. He has been writing for one year and has been published by demand studios and

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