Busch Gardens Information

Busch Gardens Information
Busch Gardens, developed and opened by Anheuser-Busch, are some of the most well-known family theme parks in the United States. Each of the Busch Gardens has a different theme composed of multiple attractions that allow visitors to have a distinctive experience at each park. In addition to spectacular botanical surroundings, the parks offer outdoor enthusiasts a variety of activities to fill up their day.


Williamsburg, Virginia and Tampa, Florida are home to the two Busch Gardens theme parks.



Busch Gardens in Williamsburg has a European theme consisting of charming small villages. Busch Gardens in Tampa has an exotic African theme consisting of landscapes found on that continent.


Both parks offer rides for a variety of ages, but are well-known for their monstrous roller coasters: some of the biggest and best roller coasters in the world are located at Busch Gardens.

Animal Attractions

Busch Gardens in Tampa gives guests an opportunity to have up-close animal encounters with exotic animals such as Bengal tigers, zebras and giraffes. The park in Williamsburg has a wild reserve, which includes animals and birds native to North America, such as wolves and eagles.


As of October 2009, tickets at the parks range from about $52 for a child to about $70 for an adult. Residents of Virginia and Florida receive discounts.


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