Italy Tours & Information

Italy Tours & Information
From fair Verona to sultry Sicily, Italy overflows with history, culture and natural beauty. Experience Italy by bike or trail, seas or skis, with a group or privately. Tour operators can provide you with the resources for your ideal Italian getaway.

Rail Tours

Capture the essence of Italy by touring the country by train. Small group tours that journey between Venice and Sorrento are available through (see Resources).

Walking Tours

Italy is paradise for walkers. Self-guided and custom group tours offer itineraries to major cities, Cinque Terre's "path of love," Tuscany's vineyards, Sicily's volcanoes and beyond.

Cycling Tours

There are many bike tours throughout Italy. Ciclismo Classico offers all-levels group and private tours, with options like wine tasting, culinary and olive harvest tours (see Resources).

Hiking Tours

From the heights of the Italian Alps and the Dolomite Mountains to the rolling hills of the countryside, multiple tour operators lead group hiking vacations. Requisite wine tastings and gourmet meals are included.

Culinary Tours

Most Italian tours come with a culinary element. If food is your focus, join an exclusive cooking or tasting tour that works with local, sustainable vendors, like the Italian Food Tours (see Resources).

Adventure Tours

Ski the northern mountains, and kayak, sail or snorkel the sea. For the all-around adventurer, multi-sport trips pack it all in.

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