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  • About Margarita Island

    About Margarita Island
    Margarita Island is known by travelers as an ideal tropical getaway. Its incredible weather, laid-back atmosphere and the activities it offers draw in thousands of visitors every day. This "Pearl of the Caribbean" enjoys its status throughout the year, even during winter months.


    Margarita Island is located in the Caribbean Sea, 12 miles north of the Peninsula de Araya in northeastern Venezuela.


    Margarita Island covers an area of 414 square miles and has a coastline of 198 miles.


    The island has a number of beautiful natural features. These include around 104 miles of beaches, fertile valleys and the nearby Restinga Lagoon National Park.


    Some of the tourist activities that are popular on the island are a variety of water sports, golf at the resort clubs and hiking.


    La Asuncion, the island's capital, and Porlamar, which is a shopper's mecca, are the two most populated and visited cities on the island.

    Fun Fact

    Margarita Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 and quickly became known for its pearls.

    Article Written By Mark Orwell

    In the summer of 2003, Mark Orwell began his career as a freelance writer focusing on popular culture, music, and film. He continues to write on a broad array of topics from Miami, Florida. His work has been available in the United States, the Caribbean, and South Africa.

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