Different Islands in Hawaii

Different Islands in Hawaii
Hawaii is one of the most beautiful, serene and friendliest places to visit. It is home to active volcanoes and to the world's tallest sea mountains. Hawaii can also claim the birthplace rights to surfing and hula dancers. The different islands of Hawaii each have their own character and culture.


Kauai is the oldest and the northernmost island in Hawaii. It is a favorite spot for honeymooners, romantics and adventure seekers. Outdoor activities are plentiful, and its beauty is unmatched.


The capital of Hawaii is located on Oahu. It is also the most populous island. Beautiful beaches, the Pearl Harbor museum and superb nightlife can be found here.


Many Hawaiian natives and their ancestry thrive on Molokai. The Hawaiian past endures here, especially in the quiet town of Kaunkakai. It is also the home of the newly canonized saint Father Damien.


You don't need to worry about the traffic on Lanai even though it does not have one single traffic light. Many come here for romance, luxury and privacy. It is home to The Garden of the Gods and the pine tree-lined Munro Trail.


Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and home to some of the world's most spectacular beaches. Sights include the Haleakala Center where many watch the sunrise, Lahaina the old whaling port and picturesque Hana.

The Big Island

Waterfalls, rainforests, sweet-smelling botanical gardens and the world's most active volcano (Kilauea) can be found on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will also find tropical sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains.

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