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  • Facts on Wildwood, New Jersey

    Facts on Wildwood, New Jersey
    Wildwood, New Jersey, is a barrier island located on the southern tip of New Jersey. The area is designated by three areas: Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood. It is a popular summer vacation spot for people and families from all over the United States.


    Wildwood is a study in contrast. The lively and colorful two-mile-long Wildwood Boardwalk attracts families and children. The serene and quite beautiful Hereford Inlet is the perfect spot for enjoying nature at its best.


    While many flock to Wildwood in the summer months, those who love a good parade will enjoy Wildwood from the St. Patrick's Day parade in March to the festive Christmas parade in December.


    There truly is something for everyone in Wildwood. There are beaches, miniature golf, boardwalk games, food and activities, three water parks, six exciting roller coasters, crabbing, fishing or just plain relaxing.


    From beachy casual to deluxe and upscale, Wildwood offers over 8,000 hotel rooms and 3,000 condos. Many accommodations are family-owned and -friendly establishments.


    Over-sized breakfasts, buffets, picnic lunches, casual meals and candlelit dinners are all options in Wildwood. The famous Wildwood boardwalk is home to over 400 eateries, offering barbecue, pizza, ice cream and world cuisines.

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