Traveling With Kids in Europe

Traveling With Kids in Europe
Traveling with children is not always an easy task, especially when traveling overseas. But there are many outdoor activities you can enjoy with your children while visiting Europe.


With companies such as Bike Rentals Plus, families can enjoy touring European countries by bike. Rentals are available all over the continent at various agents.


National parks exist throughout the mountains, forests and cities of Europe. One of the best parks is the Swiss National Park located along the Alps. You can enjoy a hike with your children to see animals in their habitats.


Paris is home to Euro Disney, a treat for your children to cut lose and enjoy an amusement park. This park is large and offers accommodations, restaurants and a slew of your children's favorite television and movie characters.

Boat Rides

One way to enjoy Europe with your children is to take a guided boat tour. Some boats you can rent and take on the water such as with Day Tours in Venice, Italy.

Walking Tours

The best way to enjoy a trip to Europe is to walk around enjoying the scenery and history of the streets. You can schedule a guide walk with a guide or go off the path.

Article Written By Melissa Warner

Melissa Warner is a freelance writer and editor in Milwaukee, Wis. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including "The Irish American Post" and "The London Student." Warner received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

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