Travel to Northern Spain

Travel to Northern Spain
Valencia is the most popular city in northern Spain, but this section of the country has plenty more to offer, as well as a variety of ways to get there.

Air Travel

The best way to travel to Northern Spain from America is to take a major airline like Delta, Continental Airlines or American Airlines to Barcelona or Madrid. Then take a smaller flight on Iberia Airlines, Spain's domestic airline, to Valencia.


After flying into a bigger city, rent a car. Be sure you obtain your international driver's license before driving a car in Spain.


Another way you can travel to Northern Spain is by coach. This is the slowest way to go, but Eurolines has many stops across the country.


Traveling by rail is the most convenient way to travel to northern Spain. TER, TALGO and Electrotren are the most popular trains in Spain. Be sure to purchase a Eurail Pass to save money on your tickets.


In Valencia, you can travel around the city by bike. There are a number of trails off the beaten path you can bike through to see a different side of the city.

Article Written By Melissa Warner

Melissa Warner is a freelance writer and editor in Milwaukee, Wis. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including "The Irish American Post" and "The London Student." Warner received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

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