Dominican Republic Trip Plans & Vacation Ideas

Dominican Republic Trip Plans & Vacation Ideas
With sun year-round, white beaches, clear water, mountain views, exotic wildlife and rich culture, the Dominican Republic can be an adventure-filled getaway.

Water Sports

Wind surf, boat, swim, snorkel and scuba diving in the Dominican Republic's calm, clean waters.


Within the Dominican Republic's clear, blue waters, visitors can fish for blue and white marlin, dorada, and wahoo.


Explore the coast on foot while making your way to one of the many beach-side flea markets. If you choose to wander further, check out Manti Park to view the different types of wildlife found in the Dominican Republic.

Local Culture

Take a guided tour of a sugar plantation, the main crop in the Dominican Republic. If you love architecture and history, check out the first city in the New World, Santo Domingo.


Accommodations in the Dominican Republic are mostly all-inclusive resorts, ranging from family resorts to adults-only resorts.

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