Facts About Fort Duquesne, Pennsylvania

Facts About Fort Duquesne, Pennsylvania
Fort Duquesne, located in western Pennsylvania where the Ohio River forks, is one of the most historically significant areas in America. Now a state park, the area offers ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike.


Fort Duquesne was originally a trading post, built by Englishman William Trent, a fur trader, in the late 1740s. Largely because of its location, where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio River, Trent's outpost quickly became prosperous. The French military captured the trading post in 1754, constructing Fort Duquesne soon after. In 1758, the English successfully recaptured Fort Duquesne and changed its name to Fort Pitt.


During the American Revolution, the fort changed hands when it was captured by the colonists. The area became a popular destination for American settlers, who often came under attack by local Native Americans. The fort provided protection for those settling in the region. Following the Declaration of Independence, the colonists restored the name to Fort Pitt.


Fort Duquesne/Fort Pitt is surrounded by the 36-acre Point State Park.


Paved pathways are available to hikers and bicyclists. Several of the paved bike ways connect to other bike trails throughout the city. Boaters are encouraged to moor at the park and cleats are provided along both the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers.


In addition to the confluence of the three rivers, a fountain that reaches heights of 100 feet is located at the Ohio River's headwaters. The area's history is commemorated with markers, monuments and plaques. Four of the five bastions of Fort Duquesne/Fort Pitt are delineated within the park.

Fun Fact

Fort Pitt, and subsequently Pittsburgh, was named after the English Prime Minister William Pitt. The formal name of Fort Pitt was Pittsborough.

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