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  • Gap Year Travel in Africa

    Gap Year Travel in Africa
    A gap year between jobs or school is a creative way to gain more experience and explore the world. The culture and sights in Africa will entertain and engage you during that period.


    Volunteer programs provide meaningful work for volunteers and the community. Chose from health, sports, education or medical programs to make a lasting impact in many lives.


    Many non-profits and non-governmental organizations provide small stipends and living arrangements for interns. Earn a living wage at an orphanage, a mission or a private school.


    Gain a hefty paycheck and valuable experience by working at a conservation refuge, an expedition tour company or an international school.

    Around the World Trips

    Purchase an around-the-world flight ticket for economic and safe travel in Africa. You can explore the wonders of Madagascar, Mali and South Africa on one (relatively) cheap flight.


    Check into required visas. There is nothing worse than taking a 20-hour bus across a country to realize you do not have proper documentation to enter your next destination (see Resources).

    Travel Insurance

    Be sure to purchase travel insurance prior to departing for your gap year. This can prevent serious complications related to lost luggage or hospital visits (see Resources).

    Article Written By Kay W

    Kay W has more than 10 years of freelance writing experience, including technical papers, grants for youth and environmental nonprofits and consulting materials. With a Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering and a Master of Arts in environmental organizational leadership, Kay W has a diverse educational and technical professional background.

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