About Cruise Vacations

About Cruise Vacations
If you'd like to take to sea, consider a cruise vacation. There are all kinds of cruise ships, and they feature a wide variety of activities and amenities. Here's a brief overview to help you decide if a cruise is right for you.

First-Time Cruisers

Anyone can go cruising--families with toddlers in tow and honeymooners are all welcome. However, some cruise lines may be more suitable for you (and your budget) than others. For example, Carnival is great for family vacations, while Silversea is great for wedding anniversaries.

Where to Cruise

Cruise ships travel all over the world, but popular destinations include Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Alaska.

What to Budget

While every cruise package is different, but you'll typically pay one all-inclusive rate in addition to on-board add-ons (alcoholic beverages and massages, for instance). The cost of a cruise can range anywhere from $500 to $3,000 and more a week per person.

What to Pack

Before packing, make sure to read a guide for your particular cruise ship/destination. Bundle up if you're cruising Alaska, and get comfy with that bathing suit if you're cruising the Caribbean. Keep in mind that many cruise ships have a dress code, so you may or may not need to bring dressy attire. Finally, most cruise ships require documents of identification, like drivers' licenses and passports, to board.


You may have to drive or fly to your departure city. Make sure to consider the cost of transportation when you're budgeting.


Article Written By Laura Hoot

Laura Hoot is a full-time travel writer and editor for the website Vacation Rentals. Her work has appeared in various online publications, including The Budget Fashionista and See Jack Shop. Hoot holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas, Austin.

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