Why Cruise the Bahamas?

Why Cruise the Bahamas?
Cruises are a great way to combine the luxury of beautiful accommodations and gourmet food with the excitement of adventurous port destinations and on-board activities. All major cruise lines offer itineraries which include the Bahamas, a warm-weather, laid-back place to explore.

Easy Access

The many islands of the Bahamas are easily accessed via cruise ship. Depending on where you live, the cruise ship's port may be a short drive or quick flight away. Because the islands are so close, you can choose from a short weekend getaway cruise (three days) to longer one- or two-week itineraries.

Inclusive Vacation

Cruise vacations usually include almost everything on a ship except alcohol. All your food (three daily buffets, gourmet meals and room service), fitness center access, entertainment, pools and more will be included in your trip price.

Great Temperatures

The Bahamas remain warm and sunny throughout the entire year. With lows in the mid 70s F and highs in the low 90s F, it's always the perfect time to snorkel or scuba dive in the sparkling blue waters.

Adventure Excursions

The Bahamas offer cruise passengers amazing adventures in port. Step off the ship and into a parasailing boat, try diving or bone fishing, or hike the gorgeous cays and trails. Spot some of the local flamingos or snorkel to see species of fish and foliage only local to these beautiful areas.

On-board Excitement

For days at sea, the ship offers opportunity for fitness and exercise as well. Take part in aerobics or pilates classes. Jog on the top level walking trail with blue sea and sky all around you. Burn calories from dinner in one of the discos.


Docking in port will provide you access to local markets of beautiful crafts, Bahamian food and drinks, and the opportunity to shop for treasures. Jewelry lovers will enjoy bargaining for stones and gold sold on the Islands.

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