About Travel to Italy

About Travel to Italy
Visitors are drawn to Italy by its beauty and rich culture that is manifested in so many aspects of Italian life, from the country's cuisine to its mountains and museums, ski runs and beaches, ancient ruins and glorious religious art. Thankfully, traveling to Italy and moving around the country is easy to do.

International Airports

Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino are two major international hub airports. Domestic airlines connect Rome and Milan to the country's regional airports, cities like Florence and Venice which also are served by major European carriers flying in from outside Italy.

Taking the Train

One of the best ways to arrive in Italy is with a ride over the Alps. The Eurostar Italia carries passengers from France to Milan and Turin, while trains also connect Venice and Florence to stations in Switzerland.

Getting Around

There are over 10,000 miles of Trenitalia train tracks in Italy, serving all sections of the country. Regional bus travel is also easy and convenient. Most Italian cities have excellent public transportation systems.

Car Rentals

Whether speeding along the autostrada (Italy's equivalent of the interstate highway) or winding through a medieval town, driving in Italy is an adventure. But keep in mind that gasoline is not cheap, most rentals come with a manual transmission, and parking in old towns and big cities can be a major headache.


U.S. and Canadian visitors do not need a visa unless they plan to stay beyond 90 days, but tourists must have a valid passport.

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