USA Passport Denial Reasons

USA Passport Denial Reasons
A passport is required when leaving and returning to the United States, but the process of getting a passport is not always a quick one. In fact, the long wait for a passport approval may sometimes lead to a passport rejection. Passports can be denied for a number of reasons, and identifying the reason why a passport has been denied will help the applicant have better luck on her next attempted adventure overseas.

Insufficient Documents

Since the most common reason a passport is denied is missing documents, it is important to double-check that all of the required documents have been submitted with the application.

Indecipherable Photocopies

If the submitted documents are illegible or not an accurate representation of the originals, the application may be denied. Be sure to check copies for discoloration or distortion when photocopying.


Since some felonies can prevent international travel, a record of a felony may be the reason for passport denial.

Outstanding Warrant

The application process requires a background check to verify one's identity and criminal history. If an arrest warrant is found, the application will be immediately denied.

Outstanding Taxes or Child Support

You can also be denied a passport if you owe back taxes. To avoid this, make sure that all tax filings are correct and current before applying. Similarly, owing back child support in an amount over $5,000 can also cause the application to be denied.

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