All Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean

All Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean
The Caribbean is home to hundreds of all inclusive resorts which will fit almost any budget. The convenience offered by the cost, which includes accommodations, food, beverages and activities, will give you time to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Caribbean.


Typically, an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean is geared for singles, families or couples. Some of the resorts welcome all people, such as Beaches Resorts or Bavaro Resorts in the Dominican Republic, and some have a no-children policy, such as Sandals Resorts or Club Med in Martinique.

Time Frame

Avoiding hurricane season will be in your best interest. If you wish to travel during hurricane season, which lasts from June to November, book a last-minute trip to avoid bad weather or purchase travel insurance in case of a cancellation.


Some of the common features are multiple dining options, fitness facilities which may include instruction in yoga and pilates, spas and unlimited water sports. Many resorts offer scuba lessons, but often it is not included in the price of your room.


Almost all of the major islands of the Caribbean have all inclusive resorts. If you want to be where the action is, consider staying in popular cruise ports such as Ochos Rios or Aruba, but if you want an unspoiled and laid back atmosphere, head to more remote areas such as the British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts or Bonaire.


Adventure travelers may not enjoy staying at an all inclusive resort because they receive most of their vacation needs in one location. All inclusive resorts don't encourage people to leave the resort, and adventure travelers may feel they aren't able to interact with the local culture as much as they would in simpler accommodations.

Article Written By Jessica Morelock

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