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  • Facts About the Stratosphere Tower

    Facts About the Stratosphere Tower
    The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is home to the Stratosphere tower. The hotel's website boasts that the Stratosphere tower is the tallest observation tower in the United States. From the observation deck, visitor's can enjoy a view of the Vegas strip and the surrounding valleys.

    Last Leaps

    According to the Vegas Today and Tomorrow website, as of 2009, four people had committed suicide by jumping off of the Stratosphere's tower, in spite of the many security features designed to prevent this.


    Fun Fact

    The northeast leg of the Stratosphere's tower still bears a visible mark where builder's attempted to fix what they believed was the incorrect curvature of the leg. The leg was built correctly, however, and the "repair" had to be undone.


    The Stratosphere's tower is 350.22 m tall (1,149 feet).

    Lightning Strikes

    A fire started while the Stratosphere's tower was under construction when lightning struck it.


    The Stratosphere's tower houses observation decks, a restaurant, a wedding chapel and a roller coaster.


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