Banff National Park

Banff National Park
Banff National Park is one of Canada's great natural wonders, encompassing 2,500 square miles filled with glaciers, mountains and alpine forests. It lies in the Canadian Rockies, in the province of Alberta near the border with British Columbia.


Banff National Park was established in 1885 after hot springs were discovered in the area by railway workers. It was Canada's first national park, and the second in North America after Yellowstone.


The national park is serviced by the town of Banff, which contains several museums and art galleries covering the area.


The park consists of three distinct ecosystems--montane, subalpine and alpine--which determine the various flora and fauna found there.


Activities in Banff National park include hiking, biking, golfing, horseback riding, rock climbing and skiing in the winter.


Wildlife in Banff National Park includes bears, wolves, moose, otters, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and bald eagles.

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