Georgia Pocket Knife Law

Georgia Pocket Knife Law
Many people carry pocket knives. Different states have different laws on pocket knives, and understanding the laws of the state in which you will be travelling is very important. Georgia has some very strict laws on what types of knives can be carried concealed in your pocket.

Legal Definition of a Bladed Weapon

Georgia defines the following as knives designed for the purpose of offense or defense: a dirk, bowie knife, switchblade, ballistic knife, straight razor, razor blade or any other knife with a blade longer than two inches.

Concealed Weapon

Georgia state law does not allow certain knives to be concealed. Any knife defined as intended for offense or defense may not be concealed and must be carried openly.

Public Gatherings

Carrying a knife designed for offense or defense at public gatherings is prohibited in Georgia.

Local Restrictions

In Atlanta, any knife with a blade over three inches long that locks is illegal.

Use of a Knife in a Crime

The use of a knife in the commission of a crime is considered as using a weapon and is treated similarly to the use of a firearm.

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