Costa Fortuna Cruise Ship

Costa Fortuna Cruise Ship
Italy's first and leading cruise line is Costa Cruises. The Costa Fortuna is one of the 15 cruise ships that are part of the Costa fleet. The ship has been noted for its similarity to Carnival Cruise ships.


Costa Fortuna weighs in at 102,587 tons and stretches 890 feet in length. It can carry 1,027 crew members and 2,720 passengers.

Pools and More

The cruise ship has four swimming pools, six Jacuzzis, and bright and cheery sauna rooms in the spa.


The ship has over 1,300 cabins, 60 percent of which have an ocean view. Single and double occupancy cabins are common, while suites are larger, with generous closet space and balconies.

Restaurant and Bars

Costa Fortuna has four restaurants and numerous bars. Michelangelo and Raffaello are the larger restaurants, each featuring artwork from their respective artists.


The ship is decorated as a throwback to the steamships of the past, with a variety of scale models for viewing throughout.

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