About Oceania

About Oceania
Oceania is sort of like the Caribbean of the Pacific Ocean--thousands and thousands of islands make up the region.


Australia, New Zealand and other nearby islands in the Pacific Ocean make up Oceania, which then consists of three subparts: Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.


The borders of Oceania are by no means strict--many disagree on which islands should be included. In fact, sometimes people refer to Oceania as the islands around Australia, excluding the country altogether.


In total, Oceania is home to 25,000 islands.

Fun Fact

Australia is the biggest Oceania island, with over 21 million people. However, some islands in the area have little to no population.


Oceania has its own version of the Olympics called Pacific Games, which showcases a wide variety of athletes who hail from the region. For most of the year, though, many citizens of New Zealand, Australia and nearby islands love to play cricket, soccer and rugby.

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