Passport Picture Rules

Passport Picture Rules
Without a picture, a passport is not a passport. Without a passport, you will not be able to embark on your next adventure beyond the country's borders. To make your life easier, make sure to know the rules for a passport picture when applying for a new passport.


Make sure that your passport photo is in color. Some countries accept black and white, but all countries accept color.

What to Wear

Wear your day-to-day clothing when taking a passport photo. Don't wear a hat, glasses (if you normally don't wear them) or anything else that could obscure your face.


Dimensions for passport photos vary by country, but the United States' standard, 2 by 2 inches, is always a good default. Look at your country's standard to be sure.


Make sure that your background is either white or a type of off-white.


The head should be centered in the picture, with the eyes about two-thirds of the way up (that's a little over 1.25 inches from the bottom).

Article Written By Vincent Runyon

Vincent Runyon is a writer working out of Portland, Ore. His work has been featured in "The Oregon Voice" and "Portland Monthly." Runyon received two bachelor's degrees from the University of Oregon. His greatest passions are traveling to new and different places and enjoying a good basketball game. Usually the two are mutually exclusive.

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