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    Sport & Adventure Tourism
    Sport and adventure travel has been made popular in recent years by TV shows like "Road Rules" and "Amazing Race." For the traveler who wants to combine physical activity, cultural exchange and a close interaction with nature, this is the way to go.


    According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), people looking for sport and adventure travel should look for programs that offer the following three features: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction, and engagement with nature.



    Adventure travel is the fastest-growing segment of the leisure travel industry. Some regions in the world like Costa Rica are particularly known for it.


    Sport is usually a component of adventure travel. Depending on where they go, travelers can partake in activities such as adventure trekking, bungee jumping, hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, surfing and even soccer.


    Nothing smacks of novice like the suitcase-laden traveler with too many items. warns that these are red flags to would-be thieves and hustlers. Pack "light, inconspicuous and cheap."

    Women Travelers

    According to ATTA, 32 million women travel alone each year. This represents 52 percent of the market.


    Article Written By Buffy Naillon

    Buffy Naillon has worked in the media industry since 1999, contributing to Germany's "Der Spiegel" magazine and various websites. She received a bachelor's degree in German from Boise State University. Naillon also attended New York University and participated in the foreign exchange program at Germany's Saarland University. She is completing her master's degree in educational technology at Boise State.

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