Information on Cabo San Lucas

Information on Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas might be a top-flight tourist resort that attracts thousands year-round, but it is easy to escape the cafes and discos, the boutiques and the bars and enjoy some of the best venues for outdoor activities in Mexico.

Desert Adventure

Some 600 miles of desert separate Cabo, at the tip of the Baja peninsula, from the U.S.-Mexican border. Driving south, the land might look stark and desolate, but the desert flora and fauna are remarkably diverse, as visitors to El Cayuco Canyon, north of the resort, discover during one of the popular eco-tours.

Quiet Pursuits

The Baja desert is a delicate place up close, and taking a hiking or walking tour can be a great way to see the wide variety of plants in the area and along the shores. Birdwatching is another interesting pastime beyond the resort's confines.

Whales and Dolphins

Gray whales leave their Alaskan feeding grounds in the fall, and from December to March can be seen in the Sea of Cortez off Cabo during calving season. Year-round dolphins can be seen cavorting in the waters around Cabo.


You name a water sport and chances are Cabo celebrates it--from windsurfing to parasailing, kayaking and diving. Sunset cruises and sailboat rentals also attract many visitors.

Simple Pleasures

The Baja peninsula has miles and miles of beaches, and camping is allowed on many of them. The facilities are rustic, but the experience is unique.

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