Bali Tourism Information

Bali Tourism Information
Bali is an island in Indonesia that offers a picturesque place to enjoy the world from an islander's perspective. Traveling to Bali can provide some of the most adventurous and spiritual experiences, from learning to scuba dive to climbing active volcanoes.


Bali is an island of dense jungles and jagged coastlines that is so small any place on it can be reached within a few hours drive. While driving through the jungles, travelers get the chance to see tiered rice patties cascading down the mountainsides.

Dive Tulamben

Scuba dive the coral reefs outside the northern shore of Tulamben and visit the wreck of the USS Liberty. This particular spot is filled with sea life, making it a rewarding, yet easy, dive for beginners.

Surf Uluwatu

Enjoy a day in Uluwatu to see the temple on the cliffs and visit the residential monkeys. Afterward, nearby Dreamland Beach is a recommended surf spot.

Climb Mount Batur

Climbing Mount Batur, an active volcano, is best done in the early morning to see the sunrise over the landscape. This several-hour guided trek can be difficult at times as the hike becomes steeper, so it is not recommended for everyone.


It is important to watch out for scam artists and beggars while in tourist areas of Bali. It seems cold-hearted, but it is best to ignore them. Otherwise, visitors will be harassed by other onlooking beggars.

Fun Fact

Although the rest of Indonesia practices Islam, Bali remains the only island in the nation where the majority religion is Balinese Hinduism.


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