Kenya Safari Tourism

Kenya Safari Tourism
Located on the eastern coast of Africa, Kenya offers a wide array of options to adventure travelers who wish to take an African safari. Its diverse landscape allows you to enjoy observing a variety of wildlife. When booking a safari in Kenya, you may tailor your travels to your personality and interests by choosing from one of several safari styles.

Wildlife Safari

If you opt to take a wildlife safari in Kenya, you will be treated to the purest form of an African safari where you may observe large game in its natural habitat.

Beach Safari

Beach safaris in Kenya offer you the opportunity to explore the coast of Kenya, which lies along the Indian Ocean. Many beach safaris include scuba diving off the reef-protected coast.

Sport Safari

Famous for its regular stellar performance at the Olympics, Kenya is home to multiple spectator sports for visitors to enjoy. Its rich cultural heritage lends to distinctive and interesting sports such as donkey racing and bull fighting, or you can visit the world famous Rugby Sevens or the world's most difficult off-road rally.

Adventure Safari

If you prefer extreme adventure travel, you may choose an adventure safari that gives you the opportunity to bike, hike, climb and even skydive. Exploring nature by horseback is another popular adventure travel activity.

Birding Safari

With more than 1,000 species of birds, Kenya is home to some of the best watching in the world. You can observe and photograph exotic birds such as ostriches, flamingos and iridescent sun birds.

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