Turkey Tourism

Turkey Tourism
Turkey is breathtaking in its contrasts. Biking along the Datca Peninsula offers magical beaches, mysterious ruins and some of the best food in the world. Throw in fabulous discos inside ancient
buildings, snorkeling unique waterways and magic mud baths, and you have an active vacation that also satisfies the mind.

Kekova Island

Put on your fins and a mask and snorkel at Kekova Island, where you float above ruins from the Lycian culture that's more than 2000 years old. Stairways to nowhere and stone walls rising up from the sea floor make it an eerie experience.


In Bodrum, hit the Halikarnas Disco, which bills itself as the greatest club in the world. It has a spectacular location at the edge of the Mediterranean, and features a laser light show and a massive open-air dance floor.


Sailing the coast of Turkey in a gulet--a long wooden sailing boat--is a great way to explore the country. Windsurf before breakfast, pick figs off the trees to go with your sheep's milk yogurt and start your day right. For dinner, hit the shore for a taverna dinner of fresh fish and a small hit of raki, a Turkish licorice-flavored spirit.


Head to Cleopatra's Beach. The grains of sand are said to be perfectly round. Legend has it that her lover Marc Anthony had the sand shipped in so that Cleopatra could enjoy the comfy sand and not scratch her delicate skin.


Dalyan is everything in one place. Take a motorboat along the river beneath towering mountains carved with massive, mythical stone tombs. Stop at the mud baths, see loggerhead sea turtles and enjoy Kaunos with its ancient amphitheater.

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